David Trubridge — Ngā Matukurua

David Trubridge

David Trubridge

18 July 2018

by David Trubridge

We were asked to contribute artwork for the new Manukau bus station and created two kite forms in our workshop.

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A history of thoroughfare 

In early Maori times the highways were waterways. Today buses and roads echo this history. The Manukau bus hub could have been a canoe hub. We proposed that these common stories form the narrative expressed by design in the building. The two blocks of buildings, one at each end are the two maunga, and the calabash of Huakaiwaka is in the centre where the tickets are dispersed. Our artworks are the two kites flown by the brothers, one at each end. We presented these proposals first to Te Akitai, then to several mana whenua meetings, and they were accepted, though not everyone agreed on the exact story.

During the collaboration process the kites went through a series of iterations balancing practical/engineering requirements with cultural/aesthetic ones. The kites are made from powder coated aluminium. The patterns and colours represent the weaving of tukutuku panels, as well as the patterns of bird feathers.

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