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David Trubridge

David Trubridge

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What Size?

Our interactive tool can help you decide on the perfect lighting size for your space.

Sorry this tool is desktop only.

800mm (31”)

800mm (31”)

Snowflake, 800mm (31”)


Several factors need to be taken into account when choosing a light. The following are a some key considerations.


Choosing the right design and size depends on what shape you like and where you are hanging it. If hanging over a table (or other object or void) you can go large. If you will walk under the light then measuring is vital.


Groupings of lights can create dynamic effects such as putting one in the corner of the room, hung low. Consider grouping different shapes/sizes in clusters. If so, odd numbers look better together. Using them as bedside lamps hung beside each bed side table is often a request from customers.


Will you rely on this light to read or work? A light with an aperture/hole is good....like Kina or Kōura as it makes a clear spot of light. If you are using for lighting effect/wow factor then choose any light from our range. Our lights are often used for decorative purposes combined with additional spot lighting for tasks.

Also consider

Get a dimmer for extra control and mood. Don't be afraid of colour - use it as a focal point in the room - remember, it will change colour when the light bulb is on! Remember - the close to a surface the stronger the shadows - so play with the length of cord to achieve the pattern strength you would like at night.