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David Trubridge

David Trubridge



24 July 2017

by David Trubridge

In 2005 David won the Silverleaf award for his Kina light. In 2017 he was invited to design a new piece, to be made by Conde House celebrating IFDA's 10th international exhibition.

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When David first designed Kina in 2005 it was as an ottoman. But the thin flexible plywood needed to take up the curves was not strong enough to bear any loading. So instead Kina became a light and it was entered it for the IFDA competition in Asahikawa, Japan where it won a Silver Leaf Award. 

Since then it has become one of our most successful lights all over the world, especially when we made it kitset as part of our Seed System. The form for Kina was inspired by the sea urchins of the same name found in New Zealand rocky shores.

kina 01
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In 2016 IFDA approached us once again, as a past winner, with an invitation to be part of a commemorative exhibition for 2017 to celebrate 10 years of IFDA shows. They asked us to team up with one of their wood manufacturers in Hokkaido with a new design. 

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So we figured out a way in which we could realise David's original Kina Ottoman idea and Conde House have done a wonderful job in making this tricky design quite beautifully!


"I thought this would be very challenging to make but exciting design to work on, when I looked at the design for the very first time!" - Yousuke Yamashita, General Manager of Development Dept.

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