David Trubridge

David Trubridge

Icarus bought
by Pompidou Centre

1 July 2014

by David Trubridge

ICARUS is purchased for the permanent collection of the Pompidou Centre in Paris. In February 2012 the Pompidou Centre purchased three large works for its permanent design collection by New Zealand designer David Trubridge.
This acquisition is a rare honour for a contemporary designer, and it is the first time the internationally renowned museum has acquired items created by a modern designer that focus on ‘sustainable development.’

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Trubridge is viewed in France as being one of world’s leading ‘eco-conscious designers’. The pieces acquired by the Pompidou Centre will be part of its extraordinary collection of Modern design classics, and important prototypes.The current plan is to show the work early next year in the Centre's next show. 

The Pompidou Centre is one of the three most prestigious institutions of its kind in the western world, the other two being the Victoria and Albert museum in London (where Trubridge already has a jewellery box) and MOMA in New York.

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Icarus was first shown at the Milan Salone del Mobile in April 2010 at Superstudio Piu. The installation was based on the Greek legend of Icarus, and is made up of two luminous polycarbonate Wing lights circling around Sola, a patterned wooden sphere coloured orange on the inside to represent the Sun. It incorporates a vital moral for our times, reminding us not to get carried away with our technology and hubris because if we do the Sun might get too hot. 

Icarus follows a drive to show captivating sculptural installations conceived around a story for international trade fairs. The shows also feature lighting units that can go on to be marketed as individual products. The extra dimension of the story has captivated the press and public over and above the creative forms of the lights. To reduce environmental impact, all these large Milan installations were transported flat-pack.

"The installation was based on the Greek legend of Icarus."

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MOA credit

This success is shared by David Trubridge with Moa – Meubles et Objets de Aotearoa – who have carefully managed our distribution and press relations in France. The Franco-New Zealand design firm is founded by Laurence Varga and Roderick Fry who have been determined since the beginning of their relationship with the designer that his presence should be long-lasting and extremely well considered. www.moaroom.com