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David Trubridge

David Trubridge

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Tale of Southland (Murihiku) Measures seven metres by ten metres. 

It is made from painted mild steel which is laser cut, rolled and fabricated.

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Tale of Southland (Murihiku)

To symbolize strength and growth, we modelled the tail flick of a great whale, suggesting the propelled, forward momentum of the region.

The design is also strongly reflective of local traditions, with nearby Foveaux Strait also known as Te Ara A Kiwa (the pathway created by the great whale Kewa). Murihiku is the Māori name for the southern part of New Zealand, meaning ‘the tail end of the land’. The role of whaling as part of the early relations between Māori and Europeans in the south is also reflected in the whale tail design.

The sculpture is sited on the corner of a reserve park at a busy crossroads, where it is a focal point for entry into South Invercargill. It was commissioned as part of a revitalisation programme for this region, in order to give a neglected part of the city a greater sense of pride.

"To symbolize strength and growth, we modelled the tail flick of a great whale."

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Width: 10000 mm (394”)
Height: 7 mm (0”)
Mild Steel