David Trubridge — Polycarbonate Basket

David Trubridge

David Trubridge

Polycarbonate Basket

A cradle like form held by two hand frosted panels. Designed to tell a story based on a New Zealand Māori creation myth.

Product specs

Basket Polycarbonate2
Supporting H2 0090 Sierra Nevada 041
Lighting H2 0008 Unison 3

The Baskets of Knowledge are based on a Māori creation myth in which the gods gave humans three baskets containing the knowledge they needed to live on Earth. They hold the knowledge of the natural world (Kete Aronui: bamboo basket), the spiritual world (Kete Tuatea: polycarbonate basket) and our rational world (Kete Tuauri: aluminium basket).

David believes that these three need to be in balance for us to live harmoniously on Earth. The lights were designed especially for the 2009 Milan Design Fair and have been specified since for lobbies, businesses, airports and private residences. The light has a standard E27 (E26 USA) fitting so any LED bulb can be used to suit the lighting requirements.

Lighting Wide 0046 Layer 30 copy
Supporting H2 0003 Bahamas09 2997
Lighting H2 Making Stills 0038 IMG 2103
Lighting Wide 0015 Layer 34

Polycarbonate Basket,

Width: 800 mm (31”)
Height: 2000 mm (79”)
Depth: 800 mm (31”)
Weight: 5.1 kg (11.2 lb)
Stainless Steel Wire
5000mm (197”)
(Not Supplied)
E27 / (E26 USA) - max. 60W
North America:
Rest of World:
2285 mm x 1155 mm x 1275 mm (90” x 45” x 50”)
Volume: 3.365 m3 (118.8 ft3)
Weight: 100 kg (220.5 lb)