David Trubridge — Flax Pendant

David Trubridge

David Trubridge

Hello everyone, we are closed on the 25th March along with the rest of NZ for four weeks due to Covid-19. Stay safe out there!

Misc H2 0000s 0008 Flax 800 caramel kina koura Westport Marae
Misc H2 0000s 0021 Flax Pendant

Cast in sterling silver in New Zealand and finished locally by an artisan jeweller.

Based on the form of our Flax feature light which is inspired from New Zealand Harekeke (Flax).

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Flax Pendant,

Width: 38 mm (1”)
Height: 38 mm (1”)
Depth: 8 mm (0”)
Weight: 0.008 kg (0 lb)
Sterling Silver
75 mm x 58 mm x 27 mm (3” x 2” x 1”)
Volume: 0 m3 (0 ft3)
Weight: 0.057 kg (0.1 lb)