David Trubridge

David Trubridge


26 August 2016

by David Trubridge

We were commissioned by American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC) as part of their 'Seed to Seat' project, to design something using one of their timbers. The premise of the project asked “What is the true environmental impact of design?”

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In response to a brief for ‘something to sit on’, each designer created a piece made from American hardwood lumber. Their designs were subject to a full Life Cycle Assessment, evaluating the environmental impact of every component.

For each design, AHEC also calculated how many seconds it would take for the wood used to have grown in the US hardwood forest. All the wood to make Aleni, including the waste, took 1.06 seconds to grow.

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We chose to use thermally modified (TMT) ash. We are always being asked for outdoor timber furniture and this could be the perfect solution. Having worked with TMT timber before we knew that it is brittle and stiff, so the design was informed by these qualities. It kept to easily machinable straight lines. The two sections, head and foot, are held together by K/D fittings so that they can be separated for easy freighting.

More info about the other designers in the project: www.seedtoseat.info

"The wood to make Aleni took 1.06 seconds to grow."

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