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Oxfam is a global movement of people working together for a future without poverty. We give a hand up, not a hand out – to create positive change that lasts.

We work with local communities and global organisations to tackle the root causes of poverty in three ways: 

  1. Helping people help themselves. Providing people with access to the skills and resources necessary to earn a decent living, to have clean water, health and education, and to have a voice in their community.
  2. Responding to emergencies. In disaster or conflict, we act quickly to save lives and help survivors recover.
  3. Influencing decision-makers. From local food suppliers to the Beehive or the UN, we campaign to change the unjust practices and policies that keep people in poverty.


350 Aotearoa

We all know that carbon footprint one of the major issues of our time. is an organisation that works to transform local communities from the ground up. It's all about environmental action on a grassroots scale, starting in our own backyards. The "350" refers to the ideal quantity (measured in parts per million) of CO2 in our atmosphere - a goal we can all assist in achieving.