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The lights arrived safe and well - thank you! The colours are gorgeous and we can't wait to get them up.  Thank you for all of the great customer service and a seamless order and delivery process.


The following excerpt is taken from the blog written by young designer Jamie Howse who spent some time with us.

'He (David) doesn’t drive a flash car or wear slick clothes, in fact he is as far from what I refer to as a “Hollywood” designer as possible. I believe I am right when I say he has little need for material objects and that in his heart lays nature, and he has a genuine undiluted concern for it. David’s designs reflect this passion; every piece is beautifully organic, crafted with heart and soul, but perhaps most importantly, with mind. He has an incredible understanding of the harmony which must be reached between man and nature, and the way it creates cultural and spiritual nourishment, knowledge and ideas that I would try my hardest to absorb every day I was there.

Since spending time with them all, their company has continued to grow and every piece of design being created, to this day, takes my breath away. Returning home months later, I kept a close eye, and still do, on the work David does and the places he goes to. It soon became apparent that his work is all over the world and he is a pillar of the design community, yet he still welcomed me into his workshop without a second's thought, sharing his time, values, philosophies and stories. In my eyes, if anyone has a right to puff out their chest and let the world take note, it is David and his gang, however he is not that type of person and if he were, perhaps he wouldn’t be the great designer we see today.'

click here for the full blog post by Jamie Howse


"I first saw the Coral light fixture by David Trubridge at DWR in Soho New York about 2 years ago. The furniture and objects in this American chain store are always very well selected, ranging from the classics of the twentieth century to contemporary pieces created by talented yet little known designers; invariably drawing attention to beauty and elegance, and sometimes - like this - also to innovation.

"The lamp was installed in a more intimate environment, at the back of the store, and the effect of light and shadow created by its fullness and emptiness was overwhelming. I was also struck with what seemed to exist in the essence of the object – how it was possible to get a result so delicate and organic from the assembly of a jigsaw puzzle whose pieces are all identical, rationally designed and industrially (re)produced.

"A quick search on the designer has brought some insight: a degree in naval architecture in England; lived on a yacht for five years; production using wood from sustainably managed plantations; and designs which are aimed at getting the most effect with the minimum of material. David believes in continuity as an attribute of good design and art as a driving force for human development.

"Upon learning this story, I understood that the pleasure I felt in seeing this lamp resulted not only from appreciation of its beautiful shapes and their visual effect, but also from the perception of its soul. I believe that the soul, when it is there in things, talks directly with our own - and in this conversation resides the taste and pleasure that we feel." Valéria Midena, Sao Paolo, translated from Portugese on her design blog


"I'm very pleased to write to you, to know of your existence cos your projects give me freely light on my heart and... I've no words to explain.."


“Your help has been outstanding, so once again cheers for everything. I really appreciate your top notch customer service. Something that is sometimes amiss over here and we notice its absence.” - Private customer in Asia

“Thank you for getting back to me so quickly with the dimensions and weights. It is so great to work with businesses that are very organised!”

“At this rate I may even stretch to a pub lunch with a pint of beer. I don’t go to these lengths with any of our other suppliers but you and the team at David Trubridge are in a class all of your own.”

“Thanks so much for quick action and comprehensive response. It helps a lot and I appreciate the fast turn around on this info. Also, thought I should tell you that you are doing a great job and making a positive difference.”


"I received my purchase in good time and in perfect condition. We are having our house rebuilt after losing it in the earthquake and are a couple of weeks from completion. I LOVE the shades and can't wait to see them hanging. I'll post a picture on your website when they are up. Thanks so much for the great service, I'll definately be recommending David Trubridge to friends and family."