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Core Values

  • In all management, design and manufacturing operations to consider and minimise our impact on the environment, people and future generations, leaving a delicate footprint at all times.
  • To be absolutely open and honest about our environmental performance.
  • Our mission is to create and pass on culture, layering ideas and emotions onto physical objects.
  • Everything that we produce is made to the highest possible standards of craftsmanship and materials, designed to last a maximum lifespan with no regard to ephemeral fashion, and to be finally easily recycled (preferably by us) or safely disposed of.
  • To act ethically, and with respect and integrity, in all dealings with people irrespective of their perceived ethics.
  • To promote a culture of direct personal open-ness, honesty and integrity, which is never deflected or subverted by spin, artifice or deceit.
  • To make sure everyone in the company maintains a good balance between their work and their life; that they are happy, sufficiently rewarded and fulfilled in their work, that they can take time off whenever they wish as long as deadline commitments are kept; that there is a sense of community support between everyone in the team.
  • To never stand still, always re-evaluating and reassessing goals and achievements whether they be design, environmental or personal.
  • To always help each other maintain the highest standards of design and making.
  • The company's cultural, artistic, social and environmental roles are all more important than increasing profit, as long as the finances are healthy.
  • To seek to promote our values, particularly environmental concerns, at all times, in personal interchanges and through exhibitions, lectures and written information.
  • To aim to be a role model for other businesses to follow