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We believe our social footprint is just as important as our ecological one.

As a result, each year we donate to a number of charities and organisations that support growth, well-being and health within our local community. Annual donations are given to Angels for Children, Fostering Kids and Heart NZ and we are sponsors of our neighbourhood Whakatu Family Day and Whakatu Youth Group.

We recently held Junk to Funk, a community fair to re-make, re-invent and re-imagine donated recycled goods into new treasures. With a generous array of volunteer craftspeople assembled to get things started, the day was a huge success; visitors streamed in, many participating spontaneously in what became a very communal activity of creating. We hope to host the event again next year and establish it as a local tradition. 

In 2010, we sponsored the treatment of a local little boy who was struggling with leukemia (see pictures below).

Items are regularly given to local fundraising efforts such as Little Elms  and Lucknow School, with a further donation to McDonalds House for a charity auction.

We've also recently donated two lights to the Hawke's Bay Foundation for Youth Development, which were part of a successful fundraising auction and dinner at eminent local winery Craggy Range (see image below).

On a more grassroots note, we are currently working with Nuhaka School planting trees and constructing a greenhouse. The project is an attempt to offset our carbon footprint implicit in production, beyond best practice. Ultimately, the project gets kids outside and involved in the process of planting, and caring for, trees and new forest. Photos of this are still to come!

Whilst we concentrate our charity work locally, great projects of a more international nature do crop up. Kids for Kathmandu is an American organisation which we donated a series of lights to for a charity auction in New York. In this particular instance, money was being raised to help fund solar panels for a Nepalese school whose classrooms were constantly interrupted by electricity cuts. David was actually present so he attended the event and took these pictures (below) - where you can see our lights in a customised colourful combination, inspired by the Buddhist prayer flags found throughout the region.

Midday at Junk to Funk: the hive of activity in the tents soon spilled out across the grass (above)...

Amy and Xavier at work (above).

David Trubridge for Kids for Kathmandu

Charity auction in New York, raising funds for Kids for Kathmandu (above and below).

David Trubridge for Kids for Kathmandu

FYD Fundraising Dinner at Craggy Range

FYD Fundraising Dinner at Craggy Range (above), where our lights were part of a charity auction; photos courtesy of Hawke's Bay Today.

David Trubridge charity work

David and a local family, whose little boy we sponsored.

David Trubridge charity work