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Seed System

We are continually doing all we can to reduce our environmental footprint.  (Based on our product lifecycle studies,) reducing the volume of our freight has a massive effect and is one of the best things we can do, so we created the Seed System to send our lights as kitset.

Many of our lights fall under the Seed System framework, and we have re-designed our Koura, Kina and Flax to be able to be made as kitset. Hinaki, Sola, Flip and Ruth are new Seed System designs.


Why fill a truck with one tree,

when the cost to the Earth is reduced

by packing in boxes of seed?

You receive the seed of a lightshade,

and have fun and satisfaction

making it grow yourself.

Your tree fills into the space;

the patterns of its leaves

calm with their shade.

It nourishes with its fruit,

and keeps the balance of life.

The idea ripples out

and spreads to the world,

which becomes a brighter place.