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Maker's Mark

All David Trubridge designs are identified in some way by his Maker's Mark. This indicates it is a genuine DT design and is a sign of the highest quality craftsmanship. There are varying ways we apply this brand to our designs depending on their substrates. Illustrated below are the 3 levels of identification of production designs, numbered designs, and signature designs.

Maker's Mark 

This is the standard Maker's Mark that is heat-embossed onto most Bamboo plywood lights and some furniture. Our mini Coral and Floral Lights require a small sticker version as the substrate cannot be heat-embossed. It is located somewhere close to the top of the light.


Maker's Mark & Numbered Designs

Designs that fall under this branding method require more hand finishing and specialist skill to make. The branding includes either a heat-embossed or stamp-embossed impression along with an item number. The first number refers to how many of the design have been made during the year, the year being the second two numbers.


Signature Designs

Signature Designs are one-off or limited pieces of work created in the workshop of David Trubridge. Many of these designs David originally produced himself and he is involved in the creation of them still, regularly monitoring their construction. They are made from the finest of materials including American Oak, Ash, Maple and Walnut. Each work is Stamped with the DT Maker's Mark as per above and is Numbered. Some pieces are signed and all come with a signed certificate of authenticity.