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“This form is based on the structure of a geometric polyhedron. Every piece is identical, making home assembly easy. The way it grows outwards with fingers reminds me of coral. I love to snorkel over reefs exploring the amazing detail and structure of all the various corals. Our kitsets significantly reduce freighting, which is one of our ways of doing what we can to help preserve our beautiful sea and land environments.” - David Trubridge

  • 6 sizes available 
  • Bamboo plywood & nylon clips; also available in aluminium (assembled only)
  • 9 stock colours or custom colours available on request
  • Construct your kitset by following our instructional video
  • Estimated time of kitset construction is 40 - 60 minutes, depending on size of product
  • Not sure which light is right for you? See our Light Guide.

    Coral Natural

    Coral Line Drawings

    Coral Coloured

    Coral Aluminium and Black

    Unpacked Coral 600

    In-situ Mini Coral & Floral

    In-situ Coral & Floral

    Photo: Courtesy of MOA France
    Exhibited in Printemps, Paris with Stella McCartney

    In-situ Coral

    Unpacked Coral 400