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“Koura is the Maori name for the small fresh water shrimps that live in our rivers. They curl up in this shape. This shape is mirrored again in the similar woven traps used for catching them. Our kitsets significantly reduce freighting, which is one of our ways of doing what we can to help preserve our beautiful sea and land environments.” - David Trubridge

Grow Family

  • Seed System kitset lightshade
  • 6 sizes; three largest sizes available in hoop pine only. Koura 750 is now available!
  • 9 stock colours or custom colours available on request
  • Estimated time of kitset construction is 45 - 90 minutes, depending on product size
  • Construct your kitset following our instructional video
  • Not sure which light is right for you? See our Light Guide.

Koura 500 750 1000

Koura Lights

Koura Lights 2

Koura Detail

- Bamboo Plywood (Natural, Painted or Stained)
- Nylon Clips
- E27 bulb holder (1400 LED) & 2m of electrical cord (Black cord for stained lights)
- Generally held in stock

Insitu Koura

Koura Lights

Unpacked Koura

Koura Line Drawing