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Swarovski Elements & David Trubridge

Our recent collaboration with Swarovski evolved from mutual respect. For many years David has made a pilgrimage to the Crystal Palace, their annual installation at the Milan Furniture Fair. Known for its dynamic fusion of art and science, this installation has featured numerous well-known artists and designers since its inception in 2002 – always using crystals as the key component.


In 2013, David's “Baskets of Knowledge” were featured in Swarovski's yearly forecasting publication “Interior Inspirations”. With craftsmanship fundamental on our list of core values, the nature of Swarovski's individually-created crystals created a calibre and material quality that excited us. When the opportunity to develop our own Swarovski sculptural art piece emerged, it was one that we relished.


The resulting work is “Light Rain”, an ethereal, glittering creation that conjures the mist and the darting drops from heavy clouds up in the mountains. It is an integral part of our installation “The Elements”, which will be shown at Milan this year.


In addition to this evocative interpretation of the product in “Light Rain”, we have also used the crystals in a commercial product line, “Geode”. This series of lights is inspired by crystals that form in rocks, embedded under the earth. It is currently in development.



"Light Rain", a sculptural lighting piece composed of hundreds of hand-crafted Swarovski crystals (above), and as part of "The Elements", our installation at the 2013 Milan Furniture Fair (below). "Geode", a lighting system that is inspired by the creation of crystals inside rocks, buried deep within the earth (below).

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